The EHS Industry

Organizations have an EHS department to focus on Environment, Health, and Safety.

EHS is crucial for the organization as it protects the environment and the employees. Every organization has to follow compliance, rules, and regulations as defined by the safety industry. These laws protect the environment and employees from their worksites’ hazards.

The EHS industry is dynamic. It gets updated almost every year. Therefore, organizations must stay aligned with the changes that affect their jobs and the company’s EHS performance.

We help you get EHS software on board, depending on your industry. Our software developers incorporate essential EHS software or customize it to fit your needs.

The modules include managing

  • Safety data sheets (SDS)

  • Incident investigations.

  • Permit to Work

  • EHS training

  • and more.

SAFE EHS Management Software

SAFE is the perfect software for any SMBs and large enterprises to integrate all the EHS processes and standardize how employees capture and manage information.

SAFE assures improved Safety Management, increased Operational Efficiency, and enhanced Safety Culture. It fulfills your Compliance Obligations by streamlining EHS data collection and improving reporting efficiency across the organization.

It is an ideal software for managing EHS functions seamlessly and blending them into your safety processes. It helps to have a modular structure to create custom workflows and procedures while automating repetitive tasks.

It potentially solves every unique challenge raised by safety processes and data requirements.

It can be configured or customized to suit the client’s business preferences and integrated with existing ERP systems like SAP or any other system.

Permit To Work (ePTW)

Permit-to-work software is an end-to-end solution that syncs organizations’ operational, maintenance, scheduled, and unscheduled permits.

It is an accurate compliance digital tool to increase operational efficiency and productivity and address maintenance and works’ domain. The software is designed for a simplified and full-proofed permit request process.

It includes instant notifications and reminders, on-the-go approvals, and real-time tracking of all activities. The system manages and ensures isolations and simultaneous operations (SIMOPS) are carried out effectively and efficiently.

This complete web-based solution has no limitations on the number of users, accessibility, or other hindrances that are part of paper-based permit processes.

Contractor Management Software (CMS)

Contractor management software helps you reap incredible benefits for your business. It can help you at each stage of your engagement with contractors.

It helps you create projects, assign tasks to individual contractors, track progress, monitor budgets, share information, and communicate with all stakeholders through a single platform.

The interface is visual and easy to use, and the system is created to make workflows more efficient. Their built-in automation capability tracks recurring, manual tasks and flags them for automation.

This comprehensive tool combines onboarding, project management, payment, compliance, and reporting capabilities in one convenient solution.

Occupational Health Safety (OHS)

OHS is a uniform platform for Occupational Health data management of employees, contractors, and vendors. The occupational health and safety software continually monitors and mitigates the risks affecting your staff and business.

It also has a provision of an OPD center that maintains all the records and history of the workers’ health, their health reports, and the treatment they are undergoing.

The software

  • Maintains employee medical and health information

  • Records employee Injuries/ illness details

  • Updates employee-wise history

  • Analyzes illness/injury records by producing reports

  • and more.

The software can enhance responsibility and establish higher standards for the employees and, eventually, the whole company.


When you accumulate EHS data from varied sources, it is crucial to utilize it correctly. And before using it, we need to segregate it and make it understandable.

Using business intelligence tools, EHS professionals can gain insights into their EHS data to help them identify and mitigate risks, improve compliance, and reduce costs.

This powerful tool offers the following;

  • Streamlined and automated HSE data collection, analysis, and reporting processes.

  • Reports, dashboards, and effective mechanisms to securely share insights with the decision-makers.

  • Incorporate advanced analytics techniques, like predictive modeling and data mining, to make proactive decisions.

  • Automated alerts to drive proactive safety.

  • AI-powered Key Influencers to understand the factors that influence your EHS outcomes.

  • Various highly functional visuals (charts) to visualize best and rapidly analyze the EHS data.

  • Assistance for monitoring and ensuring compliance with industry regulations.

ASK Esquare specializes in Environmental, Health, and Safety (EHS) domains, ensuring that Power BI is tailored specifically to the unique requirements of EHS professionals.