“Learning starts in the cradle and ends in the grave.”

These lines stay true for every individual. Everyone is learning something every moment; learning is not limited to schools and colleges. Even business people, employees, and workers learn something new at their workplaces.

Now, in this continuous process of learning, teaching, and delivering business, there are instances when the organization has to choose between various options. The organization understands what is best for itself and its employees through this process.

One such process is of choosing between staff augmentation and managed IT services.

There are several theories revolving around that one is better than the other. But how do you choose? How does an organization know which one is better?

Well, we are here to answer your questions. We will list the pros and cons of each service model in detail. This will help you decide which model suits you the best and which of the two you should implement under which circumstances.

Brief Introduction

You must know what staff augmentation and managed IT services are, so we will not bother you with the details. We will provide a glimpse of the two services so that it is better for you to compare the pros and cons.

Staff Augmentation

Staff augmentation is a service wherein an organization hires a person or specific people to do dedicated jobs. These people are hired on a contract basis from a third-party organization.

For example, a small to medium-sized construction company hires daily wages workers from a contractor.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services is when the organization gives the entire task responsibility to a third-party company. This company is hired on a project or contract basis and paid accordingly.

For example, the maintenance job at a chemical factory is dedicated to a different organization. This organization is responsible for the repairs, maintenance, and tasks related to factory maintenance. The staff dedicated to these tasks are also from the third-party company.

Pros and Cons of Staff Augmentation and Managed IT Services

Like every coin has two sides, these two services come with their set of benefits and drawbacks. We will explain each in detail so that you can make better choices.

Pros of Staff Augmentation Model

Complete Control of Processes

As said earlier, the staff augmentation model allows us to hire experts for the job, but the entire process is in your control. The hired team member will be an expert at the job and perform the jobs per your terms and conditions.

Flexible and Transparent

You can hire depending on your budget, timeline, and the number of people you require. It is a flexible and transparent method. You can also hire them till you need their services.

Reduces Recruitment Costs and Time

Your recruitment team can focus on hiring permanent skillsets for the organization. The third-party companies have drafted contracts to fit your needs and budget. Plus, they screen, interview, and train the candidates according to your requirements. This ensures that you receive the best people for the job.

Scale Up or Down

Once you acquire the people for the job, it is your choice to retain them further or stop their services. Additionally, you can scale up the requirements if the process takes off well and requires more people. And if the task does not proceed as planned, you can scale down and complete it with minimum requirements.

Cons of Staff Augmentation

Costs May Matter

Sometimes the process may take longer to complete, and you realize that an in-house team could have been more profitable.


You depend on a third-party organization to source your candidates. It may cause longer times as sometimes the communication is not seamless or misunderstood. Additionally, you have to trust the organization for the people they provide.

No Long-Term Goals

Staff augmentation services are there to get the job done. You cannot depend on them to remove hurdles in the existing system or define long-term goal plans.

Pros of Managed IT Services

Tremendous Savings of Time and Expenses

Managed IT services enable you to hire an entire team with the latest technology support. Thus, your chances of getting the tasks done quicker are higher. It ensures tremendous savings of time and resources.

No Micromanaging

Your work is to assign the project to the outsourced team, and that is all. They will elect a manager and ensure everything goes smoothly per your requirements. Your involvement comes along when the work is completed. Thus, your responsibilities are distributed and taken care of by the experts.

Scale Up or Down

You can scale up or scale down according to your requirements. You can pay depending on the specific set of acquired services. You can add or subtract the staff and resources based on the outcome and demand of your work.

Experts on Board

One thing that is sure in managed IT services is that you can access subject matter and industry experts. These people know their job well and deliver promised results. You only have to ensure that you hand over the project to a reliable service provider.

It Offers People and Solutions

IT managed services offer people as well as solutions. They ensure that you have experts on board who are trained and have the right technology to work with. Also, the company provides solutions to the services you have availed of without bothering you about current or arising challenges.

Cons of Managed IT Services

Loss of Control

Once you entrust the responsibility of the task to the outsourced services, you are no longer in control of the process. You may receive the project’s timely updates, but that too on the surface. You must place your entire trust in the outsourced experts without indulging in the process.

Better for Long-Term Projects

Managed services are better for long-term projects. The workforce and resource investments are higher compared to staff augmentation. Hence, they should be acquired to achieve long-term goals.

Communication Barriers

You take in work from the client and explain it to the third-party company. This can sometimes create confusion as there is multiple communication. Your team has to be seamless while sharing the details of the project. The team also has to ensure not to reveal too many details to the third-party team.

So, Which Service Should You Choose?

You have all the information required to choose between staff augmentation and IT managed services. It is sure to make your choice an easy process.

To conclude, here is a list of comparisons for a better understanding.

  • You can choose either one or both models accordingly to your tasks.

  • Avail staff augmentation for shorter and less essential activities whereas avail IT managed services for long term and critical activities.

  • Select a reliable service provider who provides quality professionals and expert solutions.

  • Acquire the correct service that maintains your company culture and aligns with your strategic goals.

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